The Howden Adventure

To help guide us through each passing year, in which we have steadily-evolving goals and passions, we have come to a place where we like to tag each new calendar with a family slogan, an annual life motto, if you will.  While 2008 was deemed ‘The Year of the Recreational Vocation (RV)’, we had high hopes for 2009, 'The Year of the Day Off'.  Though we probably experienced our busiest work year yet, we do enjoy the relaxation that our coach inevitably provides. Our purchase of a Beaver Monterey diesel pusher motorcoach in the fall of '06 was the catalyst for this adventure series, as we have melded together our business with our recreational vehicle. Simply put, we’re taking the business on the road.

When we first hit the highway bound for Florida back in January, 2008 with the Beaver, Kim took to detailing our new adventure with her camera, keeping our friends and family back home up-to-date with these images. Through her creative updates via e-mail, ‘Beaver Tales’ was born, Kim’s account of our travels to motorsports events around the continent as we run our media business – Howden Media Group – out of the motorhome. This website is designed as an online portal for updates, a collection of her e-mails and our photos from the road.

Hope to see you soon!

Rob & Kimberley Howden